FireLauncher Main Application
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  1. The program has two executables – the Main Program and the System Tray module.
    • Main Program is the one where all the work is done. If you are running the application for the first time, this is the one you should launch.
    • The System Tray module is used to launch saved program configuations from the Windows System Tray
  2. On its first run, the application searches the Windows Registry and creates a list of all the installed applications of Mozilla (Gecko) family. It also adds some other information like corresponding profile folders to its list.
    User will be asked to Save this list and Restart the application.
  3. After the first run, whenever the user launches the main FireLauncher program, he is able to select from the GUI which application and profile he wants to work with.
    This displays to him an interactive list of command line arguments supported by that program, along with a description for each argument. Selecting these argument prompts him for required values. He can directly launch the selected application with the selected arguments from the GUI.
  4. When satisfied, he gets the option to save this command as a 'Launchlet' for future reuse.
  5. The system tray module of the application displays all the saved Launchlets in a menu so that they can be easily launched at any time.
  6. The application also gives him the option to save the 'Launchlets' as a Start Menu item or even as a Desktop Shortcut...
  7. At any time the same GUI also helps the user interactively edit a previously saved Launchlet.


  1. The user can manually add (through GUI itself) applications that have no entry in windows Registry.
  2. The application uses an XML file database which is simple to edit, and an advanced user can manually add support for any unsupported application he wishes, following the schema constraints. Same way he can add ‘Launchlets’ for any other program not supported by FireLauncher.

Current Version

  • First and only release
  • Alpha software for testing
  • Available at Sourceforge
  • See system requirements

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FireLauncher 0.1Alpha1