Usage Scenarios

General Users:

  1. Trouble with Firefox? Launch it in safe mode with FireLauncher with a mouse click.
  2. Easily create separate profiles for different users of your computer. Allow them easy access from a single menu.
  3. Easily create separate profiles for your own different uses. Run them concurrently from a single menu.
  4. Browser takes too much time to start?
    You can have a no-frills default profile for when you want to quickly open something, a profile for your blogging activities with requisite extensions installed, and so on.
  5. Usually it's a bit of work to maintain multiple profiles and use them concurrently. Having a single menu in your system tray or Start Menu to do that makes life much easier.
  6. Install a Theme or extension globally for all users.
  7. Launch trouble-shooting sessions through a single GUI without typing anything.
  8. Explore what command line options are available for a Mozilla family application you have installed.

Extension Developers:

  1. Easily create and launch different testing profiles.
  2. Spare yourself the hassle of creating desktop shortcuts with options like –console , -jsconsole etc.
  3. Launch all your chrome URIs from a single menu.
  4. Leverage this application's ease of use to add support for any other application by directly editing the XML files.

Or Maybe Just:

  1. Know these words— safe-mode , profilemanager,no-remote ?
    Then FireLauncher is a program you should look into.
  2. Reached the coming of age as a Firefox/Thunderbird user and someone has just mentioned multiple profiles and safe mode to you?
    Maybe it's time for FireLauncher too.

Current Version

  • First and only release
  • Alpha software for testing
  • Available at Sourceforge
  • See system requirements

Download ↓

FireLauncher 0.1Alpha1