F.requently   A.sked   Q.uestions

  • Why should I use this application?
    A. Refer to the Usage Scenario section.
  • How do I use this application?
    A. Refer to the 'Working' section.
  • What is a Launchlet?
    A. A single entity with a name and a command that can be passed on to the Operating System to execute, i.e. to launch the app with given command line arguments.
  • So a Launchlet looks like C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -console -no-remote -jsconsole -P 'goofy_profile' ?
    A. Exactly! Though it also has a user-given name, that appears in FireLauncher's menu.
  • Why not just create a shortcut on the desktop?
    A. You can do that from FireLauncher. Though the System Trey menu route worked better for me, in part because Windows doesn't have 'multiple desktops' and in part because it's impossible to find an icon on my desktop by the end of a week. Plus, of course, you get a (hopefully) nice and helpful GUI to create these Launchlets.
  • Where else can I place the Launchlets?
    A. Apart from launching your applications from FireLauncher itself, you can place them in any of these places:
    1. FireLauncher's System Trey menu.
    2. Windows Start menu.
    3. As a desktop shortcut.
  • How do I create a Launchlet, then?
    1. Fire up FireLauncher. Select the Application and Profile you want to use.
    2. Select the arguments you want to pass. There will be some sort of description for each argument. You will be prompted for values if that a particular argument requires any (For instance, selecting 'New-Window' will prompt you for a url.)
    3. Test your Launchlet by clicking the Launch button.
    4. Save your Launchlet by using Edit button below the list of Launchlets (on the right)
  • How do I use a Launchlet?
    A. Right-click on the FireLauncher icon in the system trey. Choose the item from the submenu
  • How do I alter a previously saved Launchlet?
    1. Select the Launchlet in the list
    2. Click the Edit button below the list and choose Edit Selected Launchlet from the menu that pops up. The application and profile pertaining to that command will be automagically selected and the arguments will be automatically loaded in the command list.
    3. Make Your Changes.
    4. Test using the Launch button.
    5. Use the same Edit button to save changes.
  • New or altered Launchlets are not automatically added to the system trey menu?
    A. Use 'Refresh' on the system trey menu.
  • Can I add working Mozilla applications which are not installed from an installer?
    A. Yes, Use the 'Add Application' menu , Enter a name and locate application's exe and Profile folders using the browse buttons.
  • How can I add a newly installed app to the list?
    A. Tools -> Discover. Don't forget to save the list after discovery. (See below for updated applications.)
  • How can I update the name of a newly updated application inside the list?
    A. You can either use 'Edit Application' to rename the app, or delete the entry and Re-discover as above. Previously saved Launchlets will still work.
  • How can I recheck the values I've entered for a certain selected argument?
    A. Hover your mouse pointer over the argument. If you've provided any values, they'll appear as a tooltip.
  • Can I add support for other applications or commands?
    A. Yes. FireLauncher uses XML files to save its data. You can directly edit the XML following certain constraints. See 'Manually Altering XML' section.
  • Can I add Launchlets to applications which are not supported by this app?
    A. Yes, by editing the XML files manually, you can do that. See previous question. Though you won't be able to re-edit them through FireLauncher's GUI, but no harm done.
  • Why is FireLauncher written in C#?
    A. The sole purpose of this project was to check out C#. Previously, it was just a little C app in my systrey, reading from a flat text file.
  • Err..so how was C#?
    A. Pretty good, I must say (Its similarity to java hammers down the learning curve drastically). And so was the SharpDevelop IDE,.

Current Version

  • First and only release
  • Alpha software for testing
  • Available at Sourceforge
  • See system requirements

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