Introducing Firelauncher

FireLauncher is a Windows application that provides an easy interface to pass command line arguments to Mozilla family applications.

This eases troubleshooting and allows you to extract maximum productivity from your application.

It helps you create "Launchlets" to use a Mozilla based application in any possible configuration, from a single menu. You can launch these "Launchlets" from a menu in your System Tray, or create shortcuts in system's Start Menu, or on the Desktop..

This way you can easily launch these apps with different profiles and arguments from a single, easily accessible menu, instead of entering the full command in the Windows' Run box or manually creating desktops shortcuts. This helps you leverage the full power of these applications with maximum ease.

What's even better is that it automatically discovers Mozilla family applications on your system and also describes the options available for each of them.

Supported Apps: Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Flock, Netscape, Mozilla, Sunbird

Current Version

  • First and only release
  • Alpha software for testing
  • Available at Sourceforge
  • See system requirements

Download ↓

FireLauncher 0.1Alpha1